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Over Conference and
Community Centre

What's On at the Centre

Open 9.30-2.30 Monday - Friday

Bingo Friday
Chris's Griddle 2.00 - 9.00 every Saturday
 6th Monday WI
 7th Tuesday Story Time with Sharon Stevens
 15th Wednesday Gardening Club
 21st Tuesday Pins and Needles
 28th Tuesday Parish Council AGM
Easter Opening Times
 10th Good Fri. 4.00-11.00, 11th Sat. 12.00-1.00,
12th Easter Sun. 12.00-10.30, 13th Easter Mon. 2.00-9.00

 6th Wednesday Polling Station
 9th Saturday Over Sports' Presentation Day

 10th Sunday Meridian Walk end at the Centre
 11th Monday WI Meeting
 15th Friday Puddlesducks' Rock & Roll Bingo
 16th Saturday Over Carnival Fun Games Night
 18th Monday Swishing Evening
 19th Tuesday Pins & Needles

The White Room (Conservatory)
Come for a Drink : Monday to Friday 5pm-11pm   |   Saturday 12noon-11pm   |   Sunday 12noon-10.30pm  Don't forget we've got  SKY SPORTS on a BIG  screen!
Many of our EVENTS are advertised on our FACEBOOK page

This page contains One-Off and Regular Events: Click here forrRegular Events,Classes & Club Times

Regular Events




WI (1st Monday of Month) All welcome Sue Whitfield 203144 email
Pilates Matwork Class 7.00-8.00 Sally Parker email 488206 / 0798 600 9284
All Weather: 6.00 Longstanton U8's, 7.00 Swavesey Spartans, 8.00 Trevor Smith,


Happy Hour 5.00 - 7.00
Pins & Needles Group (3rd Tuesday of Month) 10.00 am -12.00 pm Details
All Weather: 5.00 Longstanton U7's, 6.00 Over Colts, 7.00 Over Sports,
8.00-10.00 AVAILABLE


Gardening (3rd Wednesday of Month) Adrian Dibb 202832 email
Clayland Farmers (3rd Wednesday of Month)
All Weather: 6.00 Domino Football, 7.00 Over Colts, 8.00 Lewis Football, 9.00 Touch Rugby Tom Ashworth 07974 449431 facebook / poster pdf.


Jungle Boogie 9.45 am
Happy Hour 5.00 - 7.00
Clubbercise 6.30 - 7.30 Starts 17th Janaury
Badminton Roger & Jacky Miller 202361
All Weather: 6.30 Over Colts, 7.30 Vets Football, 9.00 AVAILABLE


Bingo 7.30
All Weather: 5.00 Swavesey Spartans


 All Weather: 10.00 Over Colts, 7.00 Vets Football
RosPA First Sunday every month

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